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In writing Leaders’ Playbook and then Leading with Emotional Intelligence, I interviewed key leaders to find how they exemplified specific EI competencies. One person I coached was Henrik Fisker who exemplified the Confidence competency. His story and his practices can give us all some insight into the practices of a Star Performer. Henrik Fisker was

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I was coaching an executive today and we were focusing on the ei Competency Adaptability. Some of the behavioral actions that top performers in Adaptability do consistently are having tolerance for ambiguity and changing your strategies when necessary. As a best practice we talked about: Managing your expectations – if internal expectations and external reality

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Welcome! Dr. Cathy Greenberg and I have the top rated radio show called Leadership Development News (LDN), where we interview leading experts on leadership, peak performance, brain neuroscience and mindfulness. We have been doing it since 2008 and have over 95,000 downloads a month of our shows from 27 countries and 126 cities.

On each of our LDN interviews, you will get excerpts of our questions and out latest guest expert’s answers. The recording of the radio show without commercials is at the top of each blog entry. Listen for the micro-initiatives that can have a macro-impact on your career and performance.

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