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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week on Leadership Development News we interview Teresa Ray talking about Organizational Climate. Every organization has its own climate and Teresa is an expert on working with organizations in that area. She is a consultant and executive coach, a facilitator and also adjunct professor and trainer. Teresa is a professional executive coach

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week our guest is Dr. Andrea Simon. We are going to talk about the concept and focus of hers, “Is Your Business Stuck in the Center Lane?” She is a corporate anthropologist, a management consultant who specializes in working with companies that need to change. In this business environment she is

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are really excited because we are talking about leadership development today with Dr. Lynne Thompson. The focus of today is Executive Development Best Practices. Dr. Lynne Thompson the course director for the Industrial College of the Armed Forces Strategic Leadership at the National Defense University. He is in the

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are really excited to have Dr. Dan Siegel whose book is, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation. We’ll talk to him about the brain, mind and relationships. Dr. Dan Siegel is a physician and a board certified child adolescent and adult psychiatrist whose pioneering work on bringing brain

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Dr. Relly Nadler: Today my co-host Dr. Cathy Greenberg, interviews me as I talk about Habit Change and Willpower. Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Relly, who has been my co-host going on nine years now, will present some of the newest research on habit change and using our willpower as many of us are starting the new

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Dr. Relly Nadler: On this week’s show we are really excited to talk about your Super Genes: Unlocking the astonishing power of your DNA for optimal health and well-being. That is the title of the book that we are going to talk to Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi about. For decades we have been taught that

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we have communication expert, Gayl Murphy, who will be talking about Interview Tactics: How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered – the Insiders Guide to Giving Killer Interviews, and about communication tips and skills for our leaders. Gayl is an expert because she has interviewed more than 14,000 of the world’s leading

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to have the Honorable Alison Young, Setting The Stage for Public Sector Leadership. She serves as the Managing Director for Leadership and Civic Engagement at Drexel University, LeBow College of Business and as the Executive Director of the Institute for Strategic Leadership. She is responsible for the Institute,

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Dr. Relly Nadler: We are very excited to have Dr. Mark Goulston. He’s the author of the book Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, which has won all kinds of awards. Mark is a business advisor, a consultant, a trainer, a coach trained as a clinical psychologist who has honed his

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are so excited to have Dr. Martin Seligman who is the founder of Positive Psychology and its leading proponent and practitioner. He is going to introduce and has introduced revolutionary concepts of what happiness really is in his book, Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing. In a fascinating

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to interview Josh Linkner. He has a new book, Disciplined Dreaming. It’s a proven system to drive breakthrough creativity. Josh is a creative individual. He is a four-time entrepreneur, a jazz musician, a venture capitalist, a speaker and an author. Josh is the founder and chairman of

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week our show features Mary Jane Ryan, or MJ. She is an inspirational author and coach and is one of the creators of the New York Times best-selling Random Acts of Kindness Series, and also the author of Adaptability: How to Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For. Also, This Year I

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Welcome! Dr. Cathy Greenberg and I have the top rated radio show called Leadership Development News (LDN), where we interview leading experts on leadership, peak performance, brain neuroscience and mindfulness. We have been doing it since 2008 and have over 95,000 downloads a month of our shows from 27 countries and 126 cities.

On each of our LDN interviews, you will get excerpts of our questions and out latest guest expert’s answers. The recording of the radio show without commercials is at the top of each blog entry. Listen for the micro-initiatives that can have a macro-impact on your career and performance.

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