Emotional Audit: Overwhelm

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Emotional Audit: Overwhelm

eiSecrets Webinar: Overwhelm – Causes, Consequences and Solutions

Most of us operate daily on overwhelm.  We feel overworked, over-scheduled, over-committed and “crazy busy.”  As a result, we under-perform and feel under-satisfied.

Part 2 in the Emotional Audit webinar series dives into the question “What am I feeling?”  Leave behind crazy busy, and join Relly Nadler, PsyD and Master Certified Coach (MCC), to manage your emotions and reduce overwhelm and stress.

  • Stressed emotions affect your decision making and relationships.
  • Identify your emotional style.
  • Check out which emotions are most present for you.
  • Determine which ones are most beneficial and
  • Which ones are sneaky and tear you down.
  • Find out how to manage these emotions so they don’t manage you.

Be more fluent and effective in your emotions.

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