Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Intro)

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Intro)

Secret Success Power of Emotional Intelligence: Achieve Top Leadership Performance.

Wouldn’t you like to know the few things you can do more of to be in the top 10%? Why do you need emotional intelligence, and how do you get it? Get started in a comprehensive ei leadership curriculum, a one-of-a-kind program where you get the competitive edge for work and balance for home.

Learn with your team for one price for one computer, no travel or delays. This is the new, economical way to bring learning and leadership development to your organization. For 30-days, share this with your team so they, too, grow their leadership skills and take you into top performance as a leading team.

Discover during the eiSecrets introductory webinar:

  • Why you and your team can outperform others with emotional intelligence (ei).
  • How your focus is your secret key to success.
  • What brain neuroscience says about us being lazy thinkers.
  • How being on automatic impairs your decision-making.
  • Why our focus is under seige.
  • How to use small, daily steps to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Some of the specific techniques we teach:

  • Identify the 7 leadership errors and how to avoid them.
  • What 5 things to do and not do when you are under the spotlight.
  • What 3 main things your followers want from you.
  • How to establish a practice to be more in charge of your life and decisions.
  • What your top performers want and need to stay in your organization.
  • How to communicate by filling the “white space.”

AND this content is only the first webinar in the series! Each month, a new focus on an ei competency expands our ability to be more aware and grows our skill set to manage ourself and others while increasing our performance and that of our team. We encourage you to share the recordings of the webinars in group meetings with your team, and use the tools with your team. Start right now to enter the arena where leaders grow their own and their team’s star performance.

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