Emotional Audit: What Do I Do Now

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Emotional Audit: What Do I Do Now

eiSecrets Webinar: Emotional Audit – What Do I Do Now

Now is the crucial moment to learn how to master the moment.  We’ll explore:

  • How do you decide what is best to do in the moment?
  • What is a mindset intervention and how can it help you?
  • How do you change habits?
  • What are positive triggers for new behaviors?
  • Are you clear about your values and priorities?
  • What should you focus your attention on to move toward your goals?
  • Learn 7 strategies to help you reach your goals

Part 5 in the Emotional Audit series of webinars is all about making effective decisions, the natural outcome from truly mastering the moment.  The Emotional Audit is a powerful tool that is based on five, prefrontal cortex questions of which we’ve covered four in the past webinars.

This is the 5th question, “What do I do differently?”  It uncovers the corrective actions to take after having answered the first four strategic questions of the Emotional Audit:

  • What am I thinking?
  • What am I feeling?
  • What do I want in this situation?
  • How may I be getting in my way?

These questions get you off auto-pilot and back in charge of yourself.  It gives you decision power and the ability to master the moment.

Our goal is to help you carry out effective actions in the moment once you have decided what it is to do differently.

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