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Take your Self to new leadership heights with eiMastery

Sign up now for our 6-week bootcamp focused on Self.  It kicks off February 25, 2016, with a coaching webinar to review your eiStar Assessment and Derailer Detector found at eiCentral, our free membership site.

Starting in March, we will have 6 weeks to take a deep dive into self-awareness and management skills with 3 webinars giving tools and daily practices plus 3 coaching webinars. For really serious people, you’ll be able to connect with an accountability partner. It’s not “just” a series of webinars, but a virtual boot-camp with the intent of supporting your journey to develop strong leadership skills in order to be prepared for that step-up.

Do not get left behind! Step up now. Whether as an individual, a team or a whole organization, take 6 weeks to invest in your leadership succession. Corporate programs can be custom scheduled by emailing us at help@truenorthleadership.com.

Learn Together with Your Team

Learn with your team for one price for one computer, no travel or delays plus greater economy. This comprehensive ei leadership boot camp is a one-of-a-kind program where you learn the competitive edge for work and balance for home.

As an HR person, this course is perfect to experience and share with teams. We encourage that. Although one membership is restricted to one computer, we can customize the online program for your company and license its usage over a much broader group.

Start by taking the course yourself, or sign up your top leaders. Practice and share what you learn with your team. Then sign the team up as a group for eiMastery Self so they can grow as leaders, make you look great and bring heightened success to the company. You’ll learn:

  • Why you and your team can outperform others with emotional intelligence (ei)
  • What research from brain neuroscience, positive psychology and engagement is telling us about the power of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • How to use small, daily steps to improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Where your strengths are and how to grow them to be exceptional
  • What derails your optimum performance and what you can do to anticipate and respond to challenges while deepening your mastery of leadership skills.

Here’s what else you get with eiMastery Self:

eiCentral membership where you find our eiStar assessment to determine your strengths, Derailer Report, leadership profiles of leaders you recognize like Steve Jobs,and much more,

Three eiSecrets webinars focused on Self Assessment, Awareness, and Management to step you through mastery of your leadership skills,

Three eiMastery live coaching calls with Dr. Relly Nadler to review assignments, answer questions, give personal guidance and direction and assign accountability partners.

A private Facebook eiMastery community where you can network, share resources and find accountability partners to learn and grow with the community.

Homework assignments designed to challenge and integrate what you learn on a daily basis.

eiMastery is, quite simply, invaluable for building your company’s leadership, individual top performance and the success that results. Buy now to lock in savings and success for 2016. This program is only available to those who purchase BEFORE March 9 due to its intensive requirements. Late comers will be too far behind. DON’T WAIT!


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