eiMastery Membership

eiMastery Membership


Take your company’s leadership to new heights with eiMastery

Great leadership makes great companies. With Baby Boomers retiring, the C-Suite and top executive positions need the next generation of leaders. You can step up to fill the leadership gap and grow your own and your team’s leadership skills with emotional intelligence.

The eiMastery series of bootcamps integrates knowledge through coaching and practice. In addition to learning via recorded webinars allowing you to schedule your learning time online, eiMastery includes:

  • Homework assignments to practice during work hours
  • Accountability partners to keep you on track with your goals
  • Private Facebook group for discussion, questions and networking with peers
  • Live, online coaching with Dr. Relly Nadler to integrate your learning into daily practice and mastery.

The eiMastery series is broken into 6-week sessions, each one focusing on a different set of Emotional Intelligence (ei) competencies. The first, of course, focuses on “Self” because mastering “self” is the first step to mastering all the ei competencies. Click on the session below to learn more:

  1. EiMastery: Self being held from September 25, 2016 through April 7.
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