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Dr. Relly Nadler: Today we are going to be talking about iOpener: How to unleash your inner power and how does deficit thinking hold people back. Our guest is Jessica Pryce-Jones who is the CEO and co-founder of iOpener. Jess is formerly from Rothchild’s Bank in Paris and she has worked internationally all her career

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Nowak - Clueless

Dr. Relly Nadler: Today we have Dr. Kenneth Nowack. He is a licensed psychologist and President of Ofactor, and international consulting company providing neuromanagement based organization and leadership solutions. One of the things that we’ll talk with him about today and something he’s really excited about, is peak performance and looking at the research around

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Thomas, Robert J

Dr. Relly Nadler: We are excited this week to have on our show, Robert Thomas. This show is about how your experiences and defining moments as an individual and leader, can help shape who you are as a leader. Robert J. Thomas is Executive Director of Accenture Institute for High Performance in Business, based in

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Goulston, Mark

Dr. Relly Nadler: On this week’s show is about how to become a respected leader with Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Get Out of Your Own Way at Work. Dr. Mark Goulston is the best-selling author of four books including the one above and Help Others Do the Same. He appears frequently in print media and

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Employee Engagement

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week’s show is about employee engagement. We’ll take a closer look at how a major global company is using leadership to engage the hearts and minds of their talent pool and how you can too. Today’s guest is Barrett Avigdor with Accenture. Barrett is the Director of Legal Talent Strategy for

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Business - team in an office, a colleague is standing in front of the flipchart, one female colleague is looking in to the camera

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week’s show is about the power of relationships developing leaders who coach, with Fred Harburg. We will take a closer look at how major global companies like Motorola and Fidelity Investments are teaching front line leaders to develop relationship skills that help them become first class coaches that produce high-performance in

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Talent Management

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week’s show is about managing talent as a competitive advantage at Comcast. Our guest is Charisse R. Lillie, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Comcast. Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Charisse is one of the most extraordinary women I have ever met. She’s also one of the most extraordinary people I’ve

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Jennings, Ken - the serving leader - sized

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we have Dr. Ken Jennings. He is the Managing Director of Third River Partners, a leadership, development and strategy consultancy that works with senior executive teams to achieve dramatic business results. We are going to talk about coaching for leadership effectiveness and establishing strategic human capital change agenda. Ken’s current

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we have Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz who will be talking about brain neuroscience and leadership. Dr. Schwartz is a research psychiatrist at The School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. He’s one of the world’s leading experts in neuroplasticity and we’ll get him to define that. Decades ago

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Mario Moussa

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week’s episode is The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Ideas. No, is a word few of us like to hear especially when presenting an idea we feel very enthusiastic about. How do people like Andy Grove and Bono know how to persuade others so effectively. What can we

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Pek, Andrew & Jeannine

Dr. Relly Nadler: Today’s show is about unlocking creativity, habits to spark your creative genius at work. We have Andrew Pek on the line. He’s and author and consultant in the field of creativity, innovation and change. He is the co-creator and developer of Noves, Inc., it’s a New York based consulting and education firm

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Houston Methodist - Leading Medicine

Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we have a great opportunity to focus on women’s leadership in medicine. We always like to bring on top performers, people at the top of their fields that can teach you a few things that can help you, whether it’s yourself or your organization. We are going to be talking

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Welcome! Dr. Cathy Greenberg and I have the top rated radio show called Leadership Development News (LDN), where we interview leading experts on leadership, peak performance, brain neuroscience and mindfulness. We have been doing it since 2008 and have over 95,000 downloads a month of our shows from 27 countries and 126 cities.

On each of our LDN interviews, you will get excerpts of our questions and out latest guest expert’s answers. The recording of the radio show without commercials is at the top of each blog entry. Listen for the micro-initiatives that can have a macro-impact on your career and performance.

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