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This week’s show we are going to talk about emotional intelligence and we are going to profile and emotionally intelligent president. He’s an executive who is constantly working on and applying emotional intelligence in the workplace. We’ll explore some of his secrets and the practice of emotional intelligence in his organization. You’ll hear actual emotional

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to give you some hands-on tools and practices to raise your emotional intelligence. Do you know what they key behaviors or actions are that can torpedo your career, derail you, or get you off of the track of being a star? Do you have a boss that’s

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to be focusing on the competency of leadership. How can a leader better position themselves as a leader? How can leaders communicate a compelling vision? How do they transfer their enthusiasm into commitment and to action their followers? What are the best practices to improve leadership? As

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to talk about the competency, communication. George Bernard Shaw has said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it’s taken place.” We are going to get into the nuts and bolts about communication, answering some of the questions: What are some of the best

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Dr. Relly Nadler: We are really excited to have Ken McConnellogue with us. The title of our show is Communication in Complex Organizations. From the commonplace to crises, we are communicating all of the time. With Ken, we want to give you some tips on how to communicate better, especially in complex organizations or if

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This week we are talking with Gary Miller. He is the author of a book called “Taming Chaos.” We all have chaos in our lives and this is a book about decision making and consequences. As a part of this Taming Chaos, it’s a parable; how can teenagers learn to decide when taking a risk

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Dr. Relly Nadler: Our guest today is Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall has said, “the higher you go up in an organization, the more your problems are behavioral.” That’s from his book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” The questions for today that we are going to focus on are: What are the best ways

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Dr. Relly Nadler: One of the key things for leaders is how do you deal with change given that there is so much change going on in most organizations. Some of the questions we’ll look at are: What makes a successful change initiative? What are examples in corporate America of a failed change initiative? What

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Dr. Relly Nadler: In this week’s show, we are very fortunate to have Phil Richards a life insurance industry and leadership author. He is a certified financial planner and a charter life underwriter and a registered health underwriter. In addition, he is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the affiliated companies

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week’s episode is about EQ leadership and we have the opportunity to talk with a researcher and one of the founders of EQ Leadership. A couple of questions that we want to look at are: How and when did the research start on the concept of emotional intelligence, or EQ? How

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Dr. Cathy Greenberg: Today’s guest is Alastair Robertson, and we are going to be talking with him about Leadership and Personal Mastery. That’s a really interesting topic for Alastair to be talking about because he is an expert on leadership development, but in a very different way from many experts, because he doesn’t come from

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Dr. Relly Nadler: This week we are going to be looking at emotions, deception—what can we tell by looking at someone’s face around deception—and how does that ties into leadership. In a time when we are all studying the candidates for the primaries as our future leaders, what can their faces tell us in addition

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Welcome! Dr. Cathy Greenberg and I have the top rated radio show called Leadership Development News (LDN), where we interview leading experts on leadership, peak performance, brain neuroscience and mindfulness. We have been doing it since 2008 and have over 95,000 downloads a month of our shows from 27 countries and 126 cities.

On each of our LDN interviews, you will get excerpts of our questions and out latest guest expert’s answers. The recording of the radio show without commercials is at the top of each blog entry. Listen for the micro-initiatives that can have a macro-impact on your career and performance.

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