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eiInsights – EQi

Achieve Top 10% Leadership through a Process of Easy, Practical Steps.

Take the EQ-i 2.0 to create an in-depth picture of your skills and competencies, where to “dial down” and where to “dial up.”. From there, we walk you through the action plan for your individual path to improved leadership and increased opportunity to fill the leadership gap. By doing 3 or 4 things extremely well, you can join the league of top 10% performers.

Our in-depth eiInsights training

  • Benchmarks the areas of strength and improvement,
  • Teaches how to highlight your strengths to build and broaden them,
  • Identifies an action plan for growth and goal achievement,
  • Matches acountability partners for homework,
  • Walks participants through a series of steps, micro-initiatives, that when practiced daily, give macro-results.

Here’s an overview of each eiInsights session:

  1. A look at the Reuven Bar-On model of Emotional Intelligence, the areas of competencies, and direction for taking MHS’s EQ-i 2.0 leadership assessment
  2. Session 2 reviews results and covers self-perception giving tips and strategies to improve it.
  3. Session 3 covers decision making: problem solving, reality testing and impulse control.
  4. Session 4 looks at interpersonal: relationships, empathy and social responsibility.
  5. Session 5 deals with stress management:  flexibility, stress tolerance, optimism.

Through each session, you will be given additional resources and tools and taught how to use them.


Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. PST (1:00 p.m. EST)
Starting in January 2015. Exact dates TBD

Supercharge Results with eiLaser Coaching

Get focused attention directly with Dr. Relly Nadler to accelerate leadership growth by deepening your understanding and integration of the leadership competencies and micro-initiatives. The equation E x I x C (Empathy times Insight times Clarity) for achieving top 10% leadership erformance is carefully addressed in each eiLaser coaching session.

Choose between individual private coaching and group coaching for corporate teams or for 5 individuals. The pricing below is per person.

Bonuses for Early Buyers

Purchasers of eiInsights-EQi will get 3 of our newest products not yet released to the general public, audio PDFs – so you can read and listen simultaneously to Dr. Nadler’s interviews with 3 of the top experts on Leadership and EI:

  • Marshall Goldsmith rated one of the most influential thinkers in business and who has coached over 100 top executives and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies
  • Richard Boyatzis, one of the leaders and founders of EI and co-author with Daniel Goldman on several EI resources
  • Sharon Jordan-Evans, executive coach and a world leader on employee engagement.

All purchases will also get free membership into eiCentral, the “Grand Central” for Emotional Intelligence leadership tools and information.

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