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Dr. Relly NadlerLeadership development is a process that requires tools, resources and guidance to grow talent and create a consistent path of growth in a company. For the individual, it’s a more personal journey of coming to understand your own strengths, to know what and how circumstances can derail you from your top performance, to understand others, their motivations, strengths, derailers and then to have the skills and tools to manage yourself and others.

Our free membership site, eiCentral, is a great place to get started. Each tool given to members connects to more free tools and builds on your ability to be a star performer as a leader. Those same tools also help build your talent and get that same star performance from your team. Join now by completing the form below or in the right hand panel.

Also check out our store pages which offer a library of tools from digital to physical, group to personal. Take some time to get to know our approach to help people find the best in themselves and to bring out the best in others. It’s all about Emotional Intelligence or ei. That’s why our products often have “ei” in front.

Enjoy the journey!

See what others have to say:
“Dr. Relly Nadler masterfully prepared our senior management team for the changes required to prosper in the new economic reality. His deft coaching not only strengthened the team to operate more cohesively but empowered each manager to be more effective leaders in their own right. We just completed our most successful year in our 35 year history. Thanks for your contribution to this wonderful result. ”


  “Our company has realized an ROI that exceeded our expectations because of the training and coaching from Relly Nadler and captured in Leading with Emotional Intelligence. We have improved our ability to promote from within, have improved employee retention, and our leaders have integrated many of the tools explained in Relly's book into their management technique.”

Jim Snell, President, SHIELD HEALTHCARE, Inc. Valencia CA

  "Dr. Relly Nadler is continually on the cutting edge when it comes to leadership development. His innovative ideas and unique tools are the reason our localized leadership development efforts have been so successful year after year.”

Lynda Hollen, Director of Employee Development, Wholesale Operations, ANHEUSER-BUSCH, Inc. St Louis , MO.

  “Relly Nadler is an energetic captivating leader who teaches by example. The learning which occurs is rich, powerful and fun.”

Rebecca Rueben, Ph.D.

  "You did a magnificent job in leading a diverse group through a difficult subject. In my 50+ business years, I have been to many of these motivational, educational, etc. meetings and would rate you at the top of the list."

John Masterson

  "Of all the corporate sponsored training, seminars, workshops etc...I've attended over the years I have never experienced one like this one. It has benefited me personally as well as professionally. Relly really has designed a program that addresses the human condition in a professional leadership capacity in a meaningful and useful way."

Grace Boyette, Senior Vice President, Uniion Bank/PCB

  "Of all that we covered, I want to reiterate what a profound impact the Emotional Audit strategy has had on my actions. With all that is going on in the world, everyone is expected to more, better and faster than ever. This obviously can make for some challenging emotional situations, to say the least."

Mark F. Solomon, Director Global Channel Sales Vitesse Semiconductor

  "I just wanted to tell you that the staff is still talking about how much they enjoyed the day. You have a real way with people and because of your sensitivity and your ability to create a safe and trusting environment for this particular group. You have brought back the sunshine and along with that a renewed vigor to do what is right for each other."

Dr. Colleen Robertson, Somis, CA

  "This was the best training and tools for management upwards and down that I have experienced."