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In writing Leaders’ Playbook and then Leading with Emotional Intelligence, I interviewed key leaders to find how they exemplified specific EI competencies. One person I coached was Henrik Fisker who exemplified the Confidence competency. His story and his practices can give us all some insight into the practices of a Star Performer. Henrik Fisker was

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Excerpt from Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Building Confident and Collaborative Star Performers (2011), Chapter Three, by Relly Nadler Confidence is the fuel that ignites other actions. This section provides the tools and strategies to help you become a Star Performer in the area of confidence. Self-Confidence is a building block for success throughout

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Team Ingredient #8 Mentoring Others – What is natural is to get caught up with urgent crises of the day and do little mentoring or training of key employees or colleagues. What is unnatural yet necessary is to take time to train and mentor others to be better performers. Career development, learning and succession planning

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Team Ingredient #7 Accountability & Consequences – What is natural is to be disappointed with the efforts of others on your team, but never hold anyone accountable for the missed “deliverables.” What is unnatural yet necessary is to discuss accountabilities and consequences up front, before a project gets underway and review them throughout the project.

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Team Ingredient #6 Appreciation of Differences: What is natural is to value team members with similar backgrounds and opinions. What is unnatural yet necessary is to embrace differences and creative tensions to generate better solutions and raise the “Team IQ.” Actions: The leader is a powerful role model to the team for how to deal

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Team Ingredients #5 Personal Leadership: What is natural is to stay in your comfort zone and only take risks that you are assured of success. What is unnatural yet necessary is to take risks that are consistent with your values and become a change leader stretching and encouraging others in spite of your own doubts

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conflict resolution

Team Ingredients #4 Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution: What is natural is to avoid conflict, jump to rash conclusions and not communicate what you are thinking. What is unnatural yet necessary is to make your thinking visible, fill in the “white space” for people, identify your assumptions and resolve conflicts. Actions: The team needs to

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Team Ingredients #3 Established expectations and guidelines – What is natural is to assume that co-workers are on the same page and that they understand the desired results. What is unnatural yet necessary is to be very deliberate in clarifying reciprocal expectations and establishing guidelines for how to work together effectively. Actions: To be a

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Team Ingredient #2 Trust Among Members: What is natural is to rely on yourself or your department and not expect much from others. What is unnatural yet necessary, is to develop an interdependency on others characterized by high trust and risk taking. Actions: Leaders develop trust by trusting their people. Leaders develop trust by being

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shared Vision

Team Ingredient #1 Shared Vision: What is natural is to have a blurry vision of where the organization is going. The vision is not communicated enough or shared throughout the organization. What is unnatural yet necessary is to create an inspiring vision for the future that is clean and informs all throughout the organization what

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Teamwork is an Unnatural Act: Are Your Teams and Organizations Dumbed Down? (Excerpt from Relly’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence) Teamwork is very popular today in organizations, but it is an unnatural act that takes a strategy, discipline and practice. Most organizations talk about teamwork and put a group of workers together and say “you are a

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Let’s talk about cheating AND where that falls on the Derailer Detector and the latest victim. Lance Armstrong, like Marion Jones and now Alex Rodriguez, is back in the news all for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Different than cheating on your wife; having an affair, this doping is illegal and gives unfair advantages. Armstrong lied

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On each of our LDN interviews, you will get excerpts of our questions and out latest guest expert’s answers. The recording of the radio show without commercials is at the top of each blog entry. Listen for the micro-initiatives that can have a macro-impact on your career and performance.

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