Emotional Audit: Am I Getting in My Own Way?

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Emotional Audit: Am I Getting in My Own Way?

eiSecrets Webinar: Am I Getting in My Own Way

Have you ever thought about possible patterns you have that may not serve you well?  Do you ever look back and observe that you may have been on auto-pilot?  Consequences can be scarier than Halloween!

Part 4 in the Emotional Audit series of leadership webinars dives into the question “How am I getting in my own way?”  The more conscious you are of how you get in your way, the more likely you will be able to prevent or stop it sooner.  Being on auto-pilot from years of repeat performances rarely serves us, and it certainly does not give us choices to prevent any negative consequences.

We will focus on knowing and managing those moments when your actions could be on autopilot leading to unintended consequences. By making effective choices in the moment, you can achieve exceptional rather automatic outcomes.

  • What are the typical ways that you say or do something that is not in your best interests at that moment?
  • How do you interrupt yourself most often?
  • What is the one pattern you wish you could control more?
  • What are brain drains for you?
  • What are the signals that lead you to “being on your case?”
  • Is there something you can say or do to prevent getting in your own way?
  • Where should you focus your attention to move toward your goals?

Our goal is to help you be more aware and align your choices and outcomes with your values in the moment.

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